“Packing crunchy guitars and light-hearted soul, Andrew’s music is a mesh of attitude-inspired rock and roll and taut indie pop with warm, buoyant melodies. This couldn’t have come at a better time. The appeal of his sound lies in his mix of good humor, sparkling soul and a folk simplicity that happily chases the colors of summer into the midnight bar scene. His music is as infectious as it is timeless. And it all lies within his irrepressible, natural ability and delivery; it’s just that simple. Quality songwriting and lyrical aptitude mixed with this welcoming, ancestral outlook on music and life has led to a strong foundation and will continue on the road to a limitless future for this whimsical troubadour.” 
— Nate Jackson - OC Weekly

“There’s always a sense of spontaneity when Andrew hits the stage… he makes me want to drink beer, clap my hands and dance. His sound is so distinctive and varied, he possesses the unique capability of evoking multiple responses: he’ll have listeners anywhere from swaying in the daisy fields to boot-stompin’ in the clubs.”
— Kyle Deven - OC Arts & Culture

Over the past sixteen years I have had the privilege of befriending so many creative and inspiring folks and sharing the stage with some amazing human beings, for which I remain extremely grateful.